18Birdies releases “Solid Shots” feature to help you track when you play your best


We all have those shots. Your contact is as good as any shot you’ve hit all round, but the result might not be as good as impact felt. Somewhere internally, you make a mental note about achievement, but you likely forget about it by the time of your next round.

Now there’s an app for that.

18Birdies, the popular GPS and stat-tracking app, has released a new feature, which it dubs Solid Shots, so you can track those well struck shots and study them after the fact.

Users can use the free feature to keep tabs of which club they used for the well-struck shot and where on the course you’re doing it, making it easy to study after the fact.

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The nice part is: You can decide what a good shot is based on your personal game. You can be as harsh or as lenient as you want.

Even if the 18 holes didn’t go as swimmingly as you wanted them to go, this new component of 18Birdies allows us to remember our best swings, aim to get them again and have something to brag about in the car ride back from the course.

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